Industry Sponsors

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL)





IEEE Oregon Section



Sponsorship Invitation

The organizing committee of the 2024 IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing (SAM) invite companies and research institutions for patronage and financial support of this meeting.

The workshop focuses on learning, analyzing, transforming and synthesizing multi-sensor and multichannel data including wearable sensor and distributed data in communications, audio, radar, sonar, biomedicine, robotics, smart grid, defense and many other application areas, which will attract 200-250 researchers, practitioners and students from around the globe to Corvallis, OR.

The workshop theme is of substantial interest to many companies and research institutions. Upon sponsoring the event, the organizing committee will work to provide high visibility of the sponsors at the workshop through actions such as:

  • Inclusion of patron name and logo on event signage.
  • Distribution of a promotional item or gift to attendees.
  • The opportunity to provide a delegate bag insert.
  • Acknowledgement of patronage at the opening ceremony/banquet.

For more details, future sponsors are invited to contact the SAM 2024 organizing committee at:,, or